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Life Beloved

Life Beloved

Sadness Unknown: When the Gray is Thick and Strange

Do you ever feel a dark & groping sadness that seems to come from no where? A depth of gray that arises unexpectedly and for no reason, one that casts its pall over your entire world? I felt that recently. It shook me, and if I’m…

March 1, 2016
Life Beloved

The Risk of Retreat

After my oldest daughter was born, my marriage went through a difficult transition.  Of course we knew things would shift and change, but no one can really prepare for major life changes, can they?  In addition to the obvious responsibilities of caring for a new life,…

November 10, 2015
Life Beloved

Under His Protection

I recently started reading and studying through the Psalms (so you can prepare yourself now for more posts about the Psalms), and there is one thing I’ve read in the last few days that I just can’t get out of my head.  So, I knew I needed…

September 27, 2015