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Self Care & Acceptance

Thought Boundaries: Choosing to Pivot

I woke up last night with a stream of anxious thoughts rushing through my mind. I have delved into the particular area of anxiety in the past, and I’d thought I’d worked through my fears and put this specific fear to rest – for good. Apparently, that’s…

April 21, 2016
Self Care & Acceptance

Control: When Life Frays and You Grip Tighter

The best thing I can say about today is that I didn’t shout and everybody lived. Today was a spinning top. My daughters, 1 and 3, ran around like they’d been slipped piles of sugar with a side of cocaine. Every book in the bookshelf ended up on…

April 13, 2016
Life Beloved

Sadness Unknown: When the Gray is Thick and Strange

Do you ever feel a dark & groping sadness that seems to come from no where? A depth of gray that arises unexpectedly and for no reason, one that casts its pall over your entire world? I felt that recently. It shook me, and if I’m…

March 1, 2016